Alternatives to eHarmony Dating

Gone are the days when people used the internet just to get information and clear their doubts. Although the trend is still being followed, most of the people use the internet for various other uses in this modern era. One of the most popular uses is to find someone for online dating. You will come across several websites on the internet that are dedicated to online dating.

Although all of them will claim to help you find your true partner, just a handful of them are actually genuine and reliable. Amongst the popular ones is eHarmony. This happens to be one of the premium online dating sites that has helped more than a million people find their true partner.


Amongst the list of reliable and popular online dating sites, eHarmony is a common name that many are aware of in real life. The site is dedicated towards helping singles find a proper match and also make amazing introductions by simply getting to know more about you. Apart from the original website, they also have their app to help you be online even while on the move. So, be sure to use this resource before you begin.

Signing up on the eHarmony website is absolutely free for you. You will be given a relationship questionnaire that you need to fill up, upon which you will receive your detailed online dating personality profile, which is also free. You will have to upload your photos to help increase your chances of getting a proper match. You can also upload your Facebook photos to make things simpler for you.

eHarmony will send you daily matches and if you want you can also send icebreakers to the matches free of cost. The site has multiple subscription options for you, all of which are affordable. Simply chose the one that fits your budget and also fulfills your needs.

Alternatives to eHarmony Dating Site

There are several other sites on the internet that are also meant for online dating for both men and women. Although these may not be at the same level as eHarmony, nonetheless, these sites can be used as alternatives to eHarmony website. Some of these sites are mentioned below.


If you spend a lot of time online doing your research on online dating websites, you must be aware of OkCupid website. It is also a free dating site that happens to be one of the fastest growing sites meant for singles.


Launches in the month of April 2006 by Andrey Andreev, this is the first free online dating website that has neatly combined instant messaging with photo albums. At the time this site was launched, most of the online dating sites asked for paid memberships from their members. Those sites also had limited messaging and photo support. The following year, the website introduced Encounters, which allowed members to vote yes or no on different cards of various other users. The site gained immense popularity in various countries such as Brazil, France, turkey, Spain, and Italy. Later, the site came up with various premium features and services.