All you need to know about Douching part 2

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Have to I douche to smooth interior my vagina?

No. Docs recommend that girls do no longer douche. You do now not need to douche to smooth your vagina. Your body obviously flushes out and cleans your vagina. Any sturdy odor or inflammation typically method some thing is inaccurate.

Douching also can raise your chances of a vaginal infection or an STI. When you have questions or worries, talk for your medical doctor.


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What’s the first-class way to smooth my vagina?

It is nice to permit your vagina clean itself. The vagina cleans itself clearly by means of making mucous. The mucous washes away blood, semen, and vaginal discharge.

In case you are involved about vaginal odor, talk on your doctor or nurse. However you ought to understand that even wholesome, smooth vaginas have a slight odor that modifications at some stage in the day. Physical hobby can also provide your vagina a stronger, muskier scent, however that is nonetheless ordinary.

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Keep your vagina clean and healthful with the aid of:

  • Washing the outside of your vagina with heat water when you bathe. A few girls also use slight soaps. However, when you have sensitive pores and skin or any cutting-edge vaginal infections, even slight soaps can motive dryness and irritation.
  • averting scented tampons, pads, powders, and sprays. Those products may also growth your chances of getting a vaginal infection.

Can douching earlier than or after intercourse save you STIs?

No. Douching before or after sex does now not prevent STIs. In fact, douching eliminates some of the everyday bacteria within the vagina that defend you from contamination. This will clearly increase your hazard of getting STIs, which includes HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Analyze methods to save you STIs.

Need to I douche if I had intercourse without the usage of protection or if the condom broke?

No. Douching removes a number of the everyday micro organism inside the vagina that protect you from infection. This may boom your risk of having STIs, which includes HIV. Douching also does not protect against being pregnant.

In case you had intercourse with out the use of safety or if the condom broke all through sex, see a health practitioner proper away. You may get medication to help save you HIV and unwanted being pregnant.

Have to I douche if i was sexually assaulted?

No, you ought to no longer douche, shower, or bathe. As tough as it is able to be to no longer wash up, you can wash away vital evidence if you do. Douching may additionally boom your danger of getting STIs, including HIV. Go to the closest health facility emergency room as soon as feasible. The countrywide Sexual attack Hotline at 800-656-hope (4673) assist you to find a clinic able to gather evidence of sexual attack. Your doctor or nurse permit you to get medicinal drug to assist save you HIV and undesirable being pregnant.

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Can douching after intercourse save you pregnancy?

No. Douching does now not save you pregnancy. It ought to never be used for delivery manage. If you had intercourse with out the use of birth manipulate or if your beginning control method did no longer work correctly (failed), you could use emergency contraception to preserve from getting pregnant.

In case you want beginning manage, speak to your medical doctor or nurse about which sort of birth control approach is first-rate for you.

How does douching have an effect on pregnancy?

Douching can make it more difficult to get pregnant and can purpose issues during being pregnant:

  • trouble getting pregnant. Girls who douched as a minimum as soon as a month had a tougher time getting pregnant than the ones ladies who did no longer douche.7
  • better threat of ectopic being pregnant. Douching may also boom a female’s hazard of broken fallopian tubes and ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is when the fertilized egg attaches to the inner of the fallopian tube in place of the uterus. If left untreated, ectopic pregnancy can be lifestyles-threatening. It may additionally make it difficult for a female to get pregnant inside the future.
  • better hazard of early childbirth. Douching increases your chance for untimely birth. One take a look at discovered that ladies who douched all through being pregnant have been more likely to supply their toddlers early.Eight This raises the hazard for health troubles for you and your toddler.


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