Advice On Dating

Dating is a kind of getting closer to someone maybe because you want to be in a good relation with them. Dating is found among the youths, matured men and women who are ripe for marriage. But there’s a difference between dating and going out for a date. Going out for a date is just like you are going out with someone you may or may not like. “Advice On Dating”


Today we will be writing on advice on dating, and we believed that you will read carefully and understand whatever we are to write this moment, so that you will learn how and what to do when you are dating.


Advice on dating

Advice On Dating
Advice On Dating

For Men and Women.


  1. Good choice of partner.

This is the number tips for a lasting date. If you want to enter in a relationship with anyone through dating each other, you should be careful in selecting the better person that will suit you so that you won’t find any reason to be disappointed. Making the right choice is very necessary for it helps to minimize the level of disappointment that may arise. First of all you choose or accept someone who scored 50-60% of your taste so that the remaining percentage can be managed as time goes on. This one is generally to both man and woman who are ready for dating.


  1. Be friendly.

Do not make things to be too hard on the other people, just because you are making sure of proving that you are responsible and tough. He an easy going human being and always give room for communication with one another. Both of you should be friends for good and not for any reasons. Feel the happiness of one another and be less angered. There are some people who are fond of behaving as if without them one cannot survive, each time you see them, they will hardly smile nor play along even when you throw some funny words to them, they won’t even smile. If you are such person, I bet you that you won’t last in dating and it will be hard to find someone that will give you more than you expected.


  1. Avoid pride.

Being too pompous while dating is not good, most of guys and girls hate it when their partner to be is being too pompous, as if they are the only one that has the right to everything in this world. Sit up and amend your ways, do not be pride, don’t praise yourself too much, to the extent that your partner to be will start finding you serious and arrogant. You should be cool and mind your words. Even if you have properties everywhere around the world, just keep it to yourself at least for the main time, and if your dad or your parents is a celebrity in the world just try to keep it to yourself at least for a little while too. Too much pride is not good in dating for it can scare the person away from you without getting anything good from you. “Advice On Dating”

Advice On Dating
Advice On Dating

Advice on dating for men.


  1. Choose by character.

A lot of guys go into dating with a girl because she’s beautiful or has a very tempting shape, forgetting that all that glitters are not gold. Character of a woman is always the number one thing that is supposed to be your center of attraction not her body. If you choose at least a person that has a good and caring heart you will see that you will have less problems and you will even use your money to advance her appearance and shape, but it you have money, the level of happiness you shower on her can automatically change her appearance. Try it you will see how it works.


  1. Be yourself.

Do not forget your manners, always be yourself and act as a responsible man. A confident man has nothing to prove in order to win a girl. But an arrogant man believes he must prove everything in order to support his confidence, and that will make him say some things that he can’t even do in the next decade.


  1. Be slow and steady.

To win a girl’s heart while dating, you shouldn’t be too fast and hard for her. You should try to give her some space and freedom so that she will be free to reconnect her feelings well. If you see a girl that you like, go for her and don’t be strictly on getting her phone number. Just keep on getting closer to her and drawing her attention towards you, so that she will even be eager to give you her contact immediately you request for it. Consistency is the key to get a girl’s heart in dating and relationship. “Advice On Dating”


  1. Make a good first impression.

Your first impression matters a lot, so you should be conscious of every step you take in approaching a girl for the first time. Take time to look at your dressing and manners. Your way of speech will determine her response, so work on your manner of speech. Do not form to be rich when you know that you are not. And do not claim to know how to speak in tones when you know that you are not good at it, use the language you know that you are better in. Don’t go disgracing yourself on the tones you know that you can’t speak very well. Do not claim to be a funny guy when you know you are not, because if you do so, it might come in a situation where she will jokingly tell you something embarrassing, but due to you are not actually the funny type, you will take it against her immediately without thinking. And later realize what you have done. So try to make a good impression on the first time and maintain your dignity.


  1. Don’t be in rush to have sex.

If you are the type of guys that rush luring her to sex as soon as you know her, please stop for it is a very good tip for a lasting dating. Not under one or two weeks that you have meet a girl, you will start persuading her to come and visit you at your house, and even when she visits, you will start smooth talking her for sex in the name of you want her to prove her love to you. “NO”. It is not done that way, just be a gentle man. Everything has it’s stages take note to avoid messing up.


  1. Know when to drop.

It you are trying to Scott her and you have tried everything within your power to win her and yet, she refuses to comply with you, don’t forget to let her go. If you go on too much, she will then take you for granted and will be eager to eat you up for nothing. So be wise.“Advice On Dating”

Advice On Dating
Advice On Dating

Advice on dating for women.


  1. Make a suitable choice.

Do not because he has being disturbing you so much, let him into considering him. “NO”. Choose a man that you like at least and make a choice that you won’t regret tomorrow. Some girls are fond of making their choice according to class forgetting that class is not mainly the best thing but caring heart. Choose someone that can yield you a good partner in future.


  1. Avoid pretense.

You should be as you are created, do not add another character that you cannot control or hold for long. Most girls are fond of giving guys the signals that they are born with silver spoon, not knowing that they are fighting to survive. Be yourself, don’t pretend to be another. Be positive in all that you do. Don’t claim to be wise when you are not. If you don’t know how to do something, don’t pretend you know. Say it so that someone can help you. If a guy takes you out, don’t pretend that you don’t drink while you can. Not that you will show yourself immediately at the spot. I mean you at least say, “I don’t want to drink today, maybe next time”. Is better than I don’t drink at all, tomorrow he might find you with another person drinking.


  1. Avoid being too shy.

A girl supposed to be shy whenever she’s with a man, it’s very normal and perfect. But for you to be too shy is very bad for it scares guys away from you and will only attract the bad guys that just come to eat you up for nothing. Be brave and smart. Know when to talk and when to bow you face down as a sign of shyness. Don’t look directly into a man’s eyes too much, it’s a sign of being wild. “Advice On Dating”


  1. Be honest.

Be honest in whatever you are doing. Build your trust in him, so that he will see the reason to trust your words. Honesty is good in one’s life.


  1. Learn how to let go.

If he is not what you think he is, or you find out that he is not a good person to you. Let him go and find another person. Do not kill yourself in a relationship that is leading you nowhere. If you have being dating for a long time and he is not even considering going into a committed relationship or even marriage with you, my dear let go straight of him and do something better with your life. Don’t be too intimate with him without knowing his intentions towards you.

Advice On Dating
Advice On Dating

Tips on lasting love in dating that can lead to marriage.


  1. Be positive.

Be a person that someone can rely on.


  1. Be truthful.

No matter what happens, do not lie to each other.


  1. Be friendly to one another.

Be best of friends, and play along.


  1. Be the best adviser to one another.

Give your opinion especially when you know that your opinion can be of help to each other. Whenever he or she is troubled, even if you have nothing to offer, at least do not neglect that advice of your partner. And if you have, feel free to share it but do not give the one you will regret. “Advice On Dating”


  1. Be a good listener.

Give ears to your partner, listen to whatever he or she has to say any time. Do not be too busy to pay attention. Give him/her time to know what it’s all about and want to tell you. Do not be in a hurry to go out or to go home especially when you are sure of his mission towards you.


  1. Build your communication level.

Your calls, messages and chats is very important. Give out your time to call and reach her or him. It is not a must that he will only be the one to call or message. You should also call as a girl too. If you go out together, make sure that she reaches home before you go. And you as a woman call him till you are sure that he is at home safe and sound.


  1. Spend time together.

The little time you spend together matters a lot, because from there you will get to know him or her better. Do not be too busy to get closer to your partner. Your attention matters.


  1. Forgive one another and never let your anger pass that day.

No one is perfect, so when you are being hurt by your partner, do not hesitate to forgive him or her as long as he or she asks for forgiveness, and if partner doesn’t, just forgive and let it go, I bet you your partner will find the reason to come for relationship or marriage. Even she will not hesitate to accept your proposal if you ask for that. “Advice On Dating”


  1. Know when to let go of argument.

Too much of stretching an argument with your partner is very bad, sometimes be the one to give up so that peace can reign. Two wrong does not make a right.


  1. Let trust reign.

Trust yourselves and never allow any intruder to ruin your relationship. You should be a man that knows what he wants not the other way round.


Having going through all these tips that we have listed above, we believed that you will make a good partner and a better relationship, and never forget to go for your choice not another person’s choice. And choose wisely to avoid scandals.

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“Advice On Dating”