Adele Ex Husband Simon Konecki

Adele Ex Husband Simon Konecki And All You Need To Know

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Simon Konecki, Adele’s ex-husband, has been widely considered one of the primary influences in the 30s; however, little is known about the incredibly private charity businessman.

The Hello singer’s marriage to a former partner has been in the spotlight since she released its fourth studio album this week. Fans are convinced that certain songs (and even songs) resulted from her devastating 2019 divorce.

Adele completed her divorce with Simon Konecki in March following an extended dispute over finances, bringing the official end of her relationship with the 47-year-old entrepreneur. The two have kept the details about their PS140 million split secret. The couple reached an undisclosed settlement in the courtroom and (mostly) kept the details about their separation from the press. Simon and Adele’s daughter Angelo 9, live between the two parents’ close residences and their homes in Los Angeles and enjoy reasonably everyday life without the attention of the paparazzi.

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Simon Konecki, on the other hand, Simon is concerned about being a bit more laid back. Be a bit more complicated after her 30th album. From inquiries about why Adele divorced the man she married to his thoughts about her latest album, The interest in the philanthropist’s CEO has increased dramatically over the past few days, and it looks like it’s not likely to go back to Earth anytime soon.

Without further delay, Here’s everything you must know about Simon Konecki.


Who was it that made Adele Meet Simon Konecki?

Adele first saw her ex-husband’s ex in 2011; shortly following, she released her Grammy-award winning 21 albums.

A former banker who was a charity CEO, Simon was a breath of fresh air in the glamorous Hollywood world that Adele was accustomed to. Although the exact manner in which they met remains unclear–Ed Sheeran has ruled out the widely circulated rumours that he played Cupid in the romance — it appears they were an official issue as early as 2012. In January, the couple was spotted holidaying together in the luxurious Florida City in Boca Raton. It was six months before the time it was announced they were expecting their first child.

Like many other stars who only date the A-list, Simon’s low-profile status was an advantage for Simon. Easy on Me, singer.

“I have no desire to be with anyone in show business because we all have egos,” Adele admitted in Vanity Fair in 2016. “He Simon isn’t at risk from any phase of my life I’m in and that’s a wonderful thing. This is the most serious relationship I’ve ever had.”

Adele Ex Husband Simon Konecki
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What country do you think Simon Konecki is from?

Affluent parents were born in New York in 1974; Simon Konecki grew up in New York and spent his childhood on the US East Coast before moving to London at 10 to begin his secondary schooling. He was a student at the famous Eton College, the school for Prince William and Prince Harry, before returning home to his home in the US in pursuit of a finance professional in New York. Big Apple.


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What do you think of the Simon Konecki accent?

Simon may have US citizenship; however, it doesn’t mean that he speaks with an American sound. Simon is still talking with the upper-middle-class English accent he picked up in the private school years of his childhood, saying in a manner that isn’t out of place in Buckingham Palace.

What is Simon Konecki’s job?

After becoming disillusioned by his job that paid well as an exchange broker for Lehman Brothers, Simon decided to quit the rat race and explore philanthropy as a career.

“I was doing well and earning a lot of money, but I got sick of that greedy and corrupted world,” he said in an interview with the media in 2012.

He later co-founded Life Water, an ethical UK bottled water company, in 2006. The company used its profits to establish Drop4Drop, a charitable organisation aiming to supply clean water to the poorest countries. The CEO of the global business, Simon spends much of his time overseeing long-term water solutions programs across Africa and India.


Who was Simon Konecki allegedly married to before Adele?

Simon married fashion designer Clary Fisher in 2004 and welcomed a daughter in 2007. They split the following year, and the full custody of their daughter was granted to Clary.

Like Simon, Clary also found love again, marrying artist Paul Collicutt in 2016.

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