Male Fertility Seminars in Reproductive Endocrinology. Volume, Number 3, August 1991. Sherman J. Silber, M.D. Campagne, Daniel M. (2013). “Can Male Fertility
There are activities that can reduce your chances of producing quality sperm or even enough sperm for making babies which results to low sperm count. Some activities you engage yourself in daily can make you produce an unhealthy and less strong babies. These few factors will help you identify the wrong activities you do and change for the better.

Weight regulation.

Obsessed or being too small can affect hormonal balance. More than enough estrogens or very low testosterone will help in reduction to your sperm count. Encourage yourself to hit the gym before you hit the sack, to discover new techniques and interesting ways to keep fit and maintain your body. So never give up on your weight, encourage yourself and produce better.

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Harmful lubricants during sex.

Lubricants can make you enjoy sex better, but may not give you results. That is because lubricants like, saliva, jellies and lotions can restrict the movement of sperm. If you must use lubricants try vegetable oil, peanut oil and Preseed lubricant that will not harm the sperm and make it useless.

Bicycle riding.

The bicycle seat disturbs the sperm a lot through the pressure, bouncing and shoving which the sperm never enjoys. The bicycle seat is very notable for reducing sperm count. If you still want to produce babies I advice you change to car, bus or reduce to riding bicycle once in a while for increase in production.

Avoid toxic chemicals and radiation areas.

Restrain yourself from areas that you know produce much of radiation, you can only go for medical processes or cure involving radiation if necessary. Toxic chemicals and radiation can cause permanent damage to sperm, if u must work with toxic chemicals, make sure you wear protective covering materials like gloves and masks, doing so you limit the exposure to your skin.


They will help you form up your muscles, your un-muscular testicles will shrink. Regardless of sperm count issues, who wants that? Anabolic steroids are harmful to your overall health. Experts stated that cannabis smokers may potentially be destroying their fertility because of the dangerous effect of the drug’s main ingredient has on the sperm ability to penetrate a woman’s egg fertilization.

Be careful with hot tub.

No argument, it’s conducive to the right mood, but while you are making moony eyes, they are succumbing to heart stroke. Leave the tubing for relaxation later, for healthier sperm. Sperm prefer room temperature to very hot one.

PC muscle exercises.

Pubococygues muscles stretches from the pubic bone to the bottom bone of your spine forming the floor of pelvic cavity. There are so many PC muscle exercises that you can try out to satisfy both your partner and give your offspring the best shot at success like, The PC tremble exercise, The PC stutter exercise, The blitz PC exercise, The PC squeeze exercise etc. These muscle exercises are used by men not only to last longer, but to also increase the volume of their sperm.


Let’s keep aside the saying that one glass of red wine a day is good for you. When it comes to trying to get pregnant, any amount of alcohol can affect your chances in a native way. Even once drinking can affect your chances of conceiving by half. So even though you are tempted to have that one glass after work, if you are trying to increase your fertility, even that one bottle is a bad idea especially if you have serious alcohol intake abstinence warning from your doctor.

Under wears.

Be careful not to jam your testicles against your body. Heat will deal with the little guys please, so I advice you switch to boxers and give them reasonable space. If there’s a reason that men’s testicles were created and positioned on the outside of their body, it’s for their freedom and to be cool always.

Always busy.

Handle your stress life because stress kills, live a stress free life so your sperm don’t get rugged. Stress can interfere with those hormones that enhance sperm production. Try hard so stress doesn’t affect your sperm production and performances.

Keep to these methods trust me you are free from low sperm count or good performance in bed, and also production of healthy and intelligent offspring in future. Your Life Your Wealth.