Are you troubled and looking for how to get over love that you have for someone? Are seeking for things to do for you to get over someone you love? if the reason of you visiting here today is to find out what to do about the love and feelings you have for someone that have been killing you, and making you to live in pain. Relax if that is your problem for you are in the right place. I will tell you ways for you to get over someone you love.

How to get over love

Accept the fact that it has happened

You need to be strong and tell yourself that what has happen has happened and can never be reverse again. You need to sincerely tell your mind that your ex or lover have leave you and can never return. You need to tell your mind that there is nothing you can do to the situation because it has already happen.

Don’t live on it

I want you to remember something, that in this life we don’t live our life going backwards but we live our life moving forward. I also want to reminds you that once this door closes another better door opens. So why disturbing and troubling your mind knowing fully well that you cannot go back to those times again. Made up your mind fully and move on for there is better person out there ready to die for you. So understand this and decide to move forward.

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“how to get over love”

Win over your emotions.

I understand how hard it is for you and that your mind may be heavy and in pain. But you need to try and win over that your emotions. Don’t think that because you break up with your ex, you can never be happy again. No don’t think that way and don’t allow your feelings and emotions to deceive you because you can always be happy and nobody in this life is the source of your happiness except you. If is so, why not then try to make your life and yourself happy.

Remove every contact about your ex

And when am saying removing every contact, what am trying to tell is anything that will make you to easily call or try to contact him or her. If possible block or temporary remove him or her from all your social accounts and avoid contacting the person. Doing so is like hitting your hand on your wound and i believe you know how painful it is to do so.

Do things you love most.

Now is the best time for you to think about yourself and the things that makes you happy most and try to do them. So i want you to start thing of what makes you happy and places that makes you happy more and start going to those places and also start doing things that gives you joy for you to easily forget about the person.

“how to get over love”

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Socialize more

Invite your friends over, make new friends and spend more time with friends for they are the ones to console and make you happy now that you are heart broken. So invite them and move with them. So make new friends now and leave those ones who don’t care or makes you happy. Instead make new friends if the old one don’t understand you because now is the time you will understand the power of having good friends around you.

Give your room a makeover

Start making changes and rearranging your room to look more good and fun. Put more decorations and make it new. Changing the room will make your life new and encourage your mind to start up with a new life and doing new things in your life to make you happy and start up a new life for yourself.

Put off stuff about you ex.

Since you now want to move on, now remove things that will easily reminds you about your ex. make sure you put them away because if you don’t it will be hard for you to get over him or her. But removing it will help you to easily suppress your mind and it emotions and feelings that you have about the person.

“how to get over love”


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