9 Home Remedies For Infertility In Women

9 Home Remedies For Infertility In Women

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Infertility is the farthest thing from the minds of newly married couples. They think about financial and residential stability, physical health, living in proximity to family members, and of course, getting pregnant and raising the next generation. It isn’t until there’s a break in the plan when they fail to achieve a quickening, do they go to the doctor and get their fertility checked that reality kicks in. After various tests, infertility proves itself and becomes a severe strain on mental and physical health.

Once diagnosed, infertility leads to arguments, fights, disagreements and unhappiness in the household. It may even destroy the dreams of building an ideal home life. Under such circumstances, neither of the spouses is at fault. Infertility can affect either man, woman or both of them. Click pharmacy offers many supplements to boost physical health and fertility in both men and women. However, making these adjustments in lifestyle and diet may not only resolve infertility issues but also help women get pregnant faster. 

Note: if you are using birth control or period delay pills, stop their use immediately when trying to get pregnant.

  • Become physically active

A sedentary lifestyle is toxic to physical and mental well-being. Becoming physically active gives countless health benefits, including increased fertility. Physical activity lowers the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and kidney failure.

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Please keep in mind that exercise is also suitable for increasing fertility in moderation. Excessive exercise may have harmful effects if women are not careful. The key is to achieve a balance in your life with exercise, not become a professional athlete. If nothing else, add yoga to your daily routine. Body stretches, and breathing exercises boost mental and physical health, which in turn increase chances of getting successfully pregnant.

  • Take the time to relax

Stress, depression, guilt or sadness are not ideal emotions if you wish to conceive. When you feel stressed, it changes your hormonal composition. Stress makes it harder to get pregnant because of the physical and psychological constraints. 

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Taking some time to relax and devoting to yourself and your spouse may help rekindle the passions of love. Take a vacation, go to the movies, treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure –learn to let your worries go and relax. It will help increase your chances of getting pregnant by a significant margin.

  • Cut the caffeine intake

Caffeine and fertility do not fit together well. When trying to get pregnant, it is better to refrain from drinking any tea or coffee more than once a day. In fact, it would be best if you give up their use completely or until after the pregnancy is over. Excessive caffeine may even hurt prenatal growth when you are already pregnant. Try a healthier alternative If you wish for a drink.

  • Aim for a healthier body weight

Bodyweight is one of the most influential factors that affect fertility in both men and women. It doesn’t matter whether you are over or underweight; both contribute to infertility. The amount of fat stored in the body directly correlates to the menstruation function in women. Having too little or too much fat may disturb the whole reproduction system by interfering with fertilisation.

Get started on exercise as well as a better diet plan to improve your weight. Achieve a healthy rank on the BMI scale, and you won’t just notice your chances of getting pregnant increasing, but also your overall health getting better. 

  • Avoid excess alcohol consumption

Excess alcohol consumption is bad for fertility in both men and women. People that drink more than 14 alcoholic drinks a week have a harder time getting pregnant. It’s also well-known that alcohol may negatively affect the growth of a fetus in an already pregnant woman. While moderate alcohol consumption may lessen the risk, it is still better to give up alcohol completely when trying to get pregnant.

  • Eat a big and healthy breakfast

You must have heard; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This statement also holds true for women trying to get pregnant. Eating a healthy and large breakfast instead of eating a large dinner helps with female fertility. It may also help manage certain illnesses, like PCOS, that affect fertility.

  • Cut-down trans fats intake

There are two kinds of fats, saturated and unsaturated. Trans fats are a form of unsaturated fats that affect fertility in women. They are usually found in fried foods, processed foods, vegetable oil and baked goods. If you wish to get pregnant, cut down your consumption of these unhealthy foods. Instead, eat high-fat dairy products without going completely overboard to increase your fertility levels. 

  • Take protein from sources other than meat

Protein is vital for the constitution when trying to get pregnant. Meat is the most common source of protein, but it doesn’t help with infertility issues in women. Therefore, you should take the required amount of protein from other sources, like beans, seeds and nuts. 

  • Eat more fibre

Eating more fibre-oriented foods improves the chances of pregnancy in addition to improving your overall health. Eat vegetables, beans and whole grains to gain the required amount. However, you should not go overboard in this endeavour as that may prove bad for fertility in women.

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