8 Essential Tips for Designing a Modern Living Room

design a living room

The living room is the staple of the house. It is usually the first thing a guest would see on entering your home. Making your living room elegant, won’t only make you feel good but also have a positive impression on a guest who is visiting your place. Also, if you are decorating your home, most probably the living room would be on top of your priority list.

So, let’s have a look at some important points, which could help you in designing a modern living room

  1. Fix a budget & Plan accordingly

Before starting anything, it is important to fix a rough budget, so that you would have a “ballpark” to work with. Once the budget is decided, you need to plan accordingly as to what would be the complexion of the walls, furniture needed, etc. The budget could also help you decide the theme of your living room. At the end, of the day, it is important that you like the design of your living room.

  1. Artificial & Natural Lighting

It is important that there is proper lighting provided in your living room. There is a saying that “Proper lighting can brighten up the place” and it’s very true. Not just the artificial lighting, even natural lighting is very important, and one should try and find out ways to incorporate it during the day. Having wide windows would help a lot in achieving this. Additionally, this would also help save up on the electricity bill.

  1. Proper flooring

Flooring can make your living room pop out even more. Generally, marble flooring is used for the living room. It is important that the flooring is smooth and is orderly to make the most out of it. One can also check out wooden flooring if it would go with the theme of the living room.

  1. Rugs and Carpets
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Carpeting can also be done in the living room to make the room look more posh and to reduce the ambiance and echo in the room. Carpets are usually larger and generally a temporary or permanent fixture. Rugs are comparatively smaller and can be removed for cleaning easily.

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  1. Walls & Paintings

Once the floors and it’s accessories are decided, it’s time to move on to the walls. The color of the wall should preferably be lighter to make the room look bright. Paintings and Fixtures based on the theme is also a good touch. It’s advised to have a larger Mono-Painting or Fixture than 3-4 small one’s as this would make the painting get a “pop”.

  1. Furniture for the living room

Your furniture on rent should preferably be either Similar to the color to the walls to maintain the theme or In a color that would make it stand out in the living room. Furniture in the living room includes a Coffee table, Sofa sets, Couches, Book cabinets, etc.

  1. Appliances for the living room

Your appliances on rent would include the fans, lighting fixtures, television among the others. Fans and lights should go well with your overall living room outlook, whereas the Television could be a key appliance I.e. The sofa sets and other fixtures could be pointing towards it.

  1. Sleek design & Metallic finishes

You can incorporate this into purchasing the fixtures, appliances, and furniture of your living room. This would overall improve the quality and make your living room look more modern.

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There are many important features that is needed in the house that will make your home a comfortable for your living.  So if you really want to buy all these something like Bone Inlay Side Table and so many things like that to make your home beautiful then try check all these said above.


Hence, these are some key points that one could incorporate to give a modern touch to the living room. We hope this article fulfilled its task of giving you an idea of how to design your living room.

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