7 problems or issues of Relationship you must try to avoid

7 problems or issues of Relationship you must try to avoid

In any relationship there are common problems that are general seen and the best thing needed to solve them is to know, and avoid the so that your relationship will be strong and last long with joy and happiness.

Issues of relationship

7 Issues of relationship

Lack of Trust

Trust is needed in any relationship you into, because with trust you can love. There is no true love in any relationship that lack trust. So please if you are the type that finds it hard to trust your partner, I want you to know that you are doing a big mistake, which can cause a break up in your relationship. I advice you should always try to trust your partner no matter what, just try to give your partner that trust because he/she deserves it.


This is also major problem that are seen in almost every relationship. Try to avoid cheating on your partner, I want you to always have this in mind, “No one can treat you better more than that your partner who show you true love and ready to sacrifice all for your happiness” once you always have this in mind and remember it you will see that cheating on your partner will be a big sin to you. Stay with your partner always and avoid cheating, so that you both can build a long lasing relationship with happiness.


This is one of the issues of relationship today. But the truth still remains that if you can’t understand your partner or anybody that you are with, then know that there will be no peace in that relationship. Because is only when you understand your partner, you will then trust your partner. so for you to build a strong relationship with someone I advise you to always understand your partner and try to know the reason behind some actions he/she do.

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Over Looking

You must learn to over look some of the characters or actions of your partner. remember that you two are from the same family neither do you grow up together. So due to that your characters and behavior will not be the same. So learn to over look some actions for peace to reign in the relationship.


If you are the type that nags a lot please try to stop it. If you really value your partner and your relationship, stop nagging because it kills the heart of your partner and will easily cause breaks up in your relationship. So please stop nagging and complaining in any little mistake or thing that your partner do because nobody is perfect even you.


This is also one of the issues of relationship, because if you can look to most of the relationship that is having issues you will see is because the relationship lack mature mind in it. I advise you to be in relationship with a mature person so that you will have fewer problems to deal with.

Defend your partner

Learn to always defend your partner in all you do, especially in public. Remember that you two are one, so if you are disgracing your partner in public you are also disgracing yourself. Don’t carry your problems outside; try to always solve the problem between you and your partner inside and not at the public.

Third Party or Friends Advice

By this I don’t mean is not good to take advice from a friend, but all am trying to let you know on this is that you should never take that advice that will destroy your relationship. And try to mind how you talk to people or tell your friends about your relationship because not all issues or problems in your relationship will you take outside.

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These are few problems that cause more harm in a relationship. So learn to avoid and practice them for your relationship to last long

Issues of relationship



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