7 Good Reasons Why Omega Watches Are A Crowd-Favorite

The evolution of male fashion has drastically changed over the past 100 years. During the 19th century, top hats were the trend for elite males; today, a well-groomed crown of hair is the trend. But despite the ever-changing male fashion, one accessory has remained essential: a watch.

No matter what era of male fashion you are looking at, a watch will never go unnoticed. And when it comes to luxury watches, Omega can be considered the best out there. Below we give seven reasons why we believe this is true. You can also check out these Omega Seamaster pricing deals when you have time.

  1. It Is Swiss Made

When it comes to mechanical watches, complex design and synchronous movement is critical. And Swiss watches are famous for their intricate mechanical design; that is why watch aficionados attach a high value to them. Timepieces labeled as “Swiss made” are elite class watches because they meet standards set by law. In short, the label “Swiss made” is given only to watchmakers that meet the highest standard of mechanical watches.

Mechanical watches have been around since the 14th century. Since then, watchmakers have sought many ways to make intricate mechanical timepieces. Omega was founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt and has been at the forefront of evolutionary watchmaking. Omega watches are purely “swiss made” – from the research, development, and assembly all taking place in their Headquarters in Biel, Switzerland.

  1. Every Watch Has Extra Functionality

When early watchmakers invented mechanical watches, they only had one function: to tell time. But after decades of improvement in watchmaking and technology, mechanical watches now serve other functions. Today, many timepieces are water-resistant and have a date window on the face. These features have become a large part of everyday watches that buyers consider buying watches that have these extra functions over those that do not. Like other watches, many Omega watches have adapted these features and other uses like a certified chronograph and chronometer.

  1. Each Watch Has Its Unique Classy Design

On top of telling time and all the other features that watches have now, they also serve one critical function when worn: an accessory to your overall outfit. Like clothes, there are watches to be worn on ordinary days and timepieces to be worn on special occasions.

Omega watches are the best of both worlds. Omega designed their timepieces for everyday use but at the same time carry a classy design worn with suits and formal attire. Omega watches are designed with formality and exclusivity in mind, making every Omega watch unique. 

  1. It Is A Status Symbol

Watches are not only a fashion statement but also status statements. In current human society, status symbols play a crucial role in how people perceive and interact with you. The higher your class is in the community, the more respect you earn from people around you.

Watches are one of the things that help prominently identify your status since it is easy to spot on the wrist. Because of Omega’s swiss-made standing, as well as its long-standing history in the luxury watch industry, anyone wearing an Omega watch will surely catch the attention of people from high society.

  1. It Is A Watch Brand Worn By Significant People

James Corden, Daniel Craig, Tom hanks– these are just some prominent people today who wear an Omega watch. Others throughout history are known to have worn an Omega watch while doing historic feats like Buzz Aldrin.

When Buzz Aldrin went to the moon on Apollo 11, he was wearing an Omega Speedmaster Professional. It was later called the “Moonwatch.” To this day, the omega “Moonwatch” is still a popular and expensive watch that watch lovers aspire to have.

  1. It Is A Brand That Stood The Test Of Time

Since the Omega brand was established in 1848, it overcame all the trials and tribulations of history: The two World Wars, the quartz crisis, and the economic recession of 1975 are just some of the world events that Omega had to storm through and survive.

But on top of the economic bumps in the road, Omega managed some victorious feats as well. In 1932, it became the official partner of the Olympics– a partnership that persists until now. Another major accomplishment that the Omega brand achieved is its commendation from NASA, making it the officially approved chronograph for American space missions.

  1. Every Omega Timepiece Has Great Warranty

Have you ever bought a watch that, after a few years, you can no longer use because the warranty is expired? While most watches would have a one- or two-year warranty, Omega has a stunning 5-year warranty that comes with every timepiece.

Omega watches are carefully crafted and undergo stringent manufacturing processes and testing before they hit the market. Because they are so intricately made, only specially trained experts know how Omega watches work. Omega boasts the craftsmanship of their watches and stands by the quality and longevity of their product, and that is why Omega can easily give a 5-year warranty for their timepieces.

In Conclusion

No matter the generation, a timepiece would always be a big part of any gentleman’s fashion. Not only is having a watch handy, but it is also a sign of your status in society. The owners of the Omega brand have always known the value of having a nice and well-made timepiece; that is why they have strived and maintained their dominance in the luxury watch market.