6 Tips To Apply Eyeliner For Dramatic Makeup

6 Tips To Apply Eyeliner For Dramatic Makeup

If you want a dramatic look, what you must give attention to is your eyes. With a few eye makeup applications, you can achieve this in no time. One of the things you need to master is applying eyeliner on your  to support a dramatic appeal.

It does not mean that when you have known applying eyeliner for a long time you already know how to apply one for a dramatic effect. A dramatic eyeliner application needs to display a different effect such as a bold one but not with a noticeable line. 

6 Tips To Apply Eyeliner For Dramatic Makeup

To guide you in this process, check out these tips for a dramatic eyeliner application:

Apply eye shadow first. 

It is important that you only do the eyeliner application only once the eye shadow is already set. This is to make sure that you can easily work on and blend in the eyeliner later on.

Choose a good eyeliner pencil. 

The best eyeliner pencil for a dramatic effect is the one with a soft black shade such as that of a coal pencil. This color will easily and smoothly blend into the overall appeal of the eyes. However, you can play with other colors as well depending on the color your eyes have. 

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For instance, if your eyes are green, you can pick warm colors of eye liner such as bronze, dark gray, golden brown, and brown. Same is true for brown eyes only that you can add deep navy blue to the options. For your blue eyes, the eyeliner shades of dark green, dark blue, brown, charcoal, and black can help create a dramatic appeal. Also, take note to sharpen the pencil enough so it can draw a very fine line but not too much that it will easily break during the application process.

Apply the eyeliner. 

Start applying the eyeliner from the outer eye’s corner going out and up. This must create an upturned line to make your eye appear like that of a dramatic cat’s look. Draw another line towards the lashes so that a thicker line can be produced right at your eye’s corner.

Thicken the line. 

Draw a line along the eyelid as well but make sure that you work on the nearest possible distance to the eyelashes. As you continue, notice that the line must become narrower near the eye corner. Then, look up and apply eyeliner under the lashes. This will give you a dark and dramatic look.

Work on the lower lashes. 

Draw a fine line in the lower lashes, too. Add the liner from the eye corner to just around two thirds of your lower lashes.

Soften the lines. 

Use an angled brush to help you soften the lines created by the eyeliner. This will help you blend the eye liner with the color of the eye shadow. This will not only create a dramatic appeal but also a smoky one.

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Now that you know how to put eyeliner for dramatic makeup, you can give your face a lot of drama anywhere and anytime you wish. True enough, it is very surprising how a few strokes of eyeliner can create much difference to your face.


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