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6 Things that hurt girls most

6 Things that hurt girls most that you need to know as a man for your woman to be happy

There is something I want you as a man to understand about women. They are soft heart, they think straight and are easily hurt, so it is not good to always care and pamper them like a child and also call them sweet and emotional names that will always make her happy, always make a promise to her, but dot make a promise you can never keep because falling of promise hurt ladies more than any other acct of you, there is always something that makes a women happy, so try to know what makes your girl happy.

1. Break Of Promise.

Nobody will be happy when someone breaks a promise made to them. That same way there is nothing that hurt girls most than breaking a promise you made. When I mean promise I don’t mean just leaving her but there are some promises you can make to a girl and you think is nothing but you don’t know it means a lot to them, so why hurting her heart with those promises that you can never even keep or take it as nothing when it means the whole world to them. Please try to make a promise you can keep and not hurting them or taking it like a fun.


2. Lack Trust.

Whenever I think about this it makes me smile remembering those time when I always ask my lady what can I do to make her happy and she will say 1. Trust me, 2. trust mee, 3 trust meeee, remembering this always make me smile because I once found it hard to trust my woman but when I realize that trusting her makes her happy and gives her confident to stand strong with me, I gave her my trust because her happiness is my happiness. So try to trust her because it will hurt her most knowing you don’t trust her, if she an stand by you and trust you why then will you not trust her.

3. Value every time spend with her.

Sometimes we make a mistake of not understanding what it means to have a moment or minutes of time spend with your love, but I want you to understand something, whenever you always value the time spend together with her and treat her special on each time spend with her only then will you be making her happy more but when you fail to understand this then know that she will always feel hurt because knowing the fact that you will never value the time you spend with her will always hurt her more, so if you want to see her happy always try to value the time spend with her and giver her reason to be with you.

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4. Always listen to me.

This also make me smile remembering those times I use to feel that my thought and actions are the best, thinking that my girl words mean nothing or don’t add any help or value to me, but am wrong all these times on this because her words really mean a lot. Sometimes she may make a mistake but remember nobody is perfect even you as a man make mistakes so why not try to listen to her even if those words are not helping try to listen first to her.

5. Defend her.

If you are among those men who always lack defending your woman my question is this “If you cannot defend her who then will defend her? No matter what she did always try to defend her. Believe nothing makes her happy seeing defending her at all times even when she is outside or did something wrong outside try to first defend her and then correct her when you both are inside, doing so make her happy and give her more joy.

6. Using And Dumping Her.

This is the highest thing that pain ladies most and majority of men out there always do this with most of the girls they date, I really don’t advice you to do this to a girl because you gain nothing doing so and may one day end up doing it to a girl who will never bear the pain and hurt you down. If you as a man don’t love a girl please don’t date her because toiling with a girl feelings is never good, remember you will not be happy if you meet a girl who eat your money and dump you so try never to o so to your girl, for the fact you meet her today and sleep with her don’t mean that she is a cheap girl, so don’t ever try to take her for granted.

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Girls are so fun and lovely to be with, a lady that love you will always think of you, she always try not hurt you or do things that makes you unhappy, so try to repay them back with love, care, petting, attention and concern. Makes her feel like the luckiest woman on earth, make her to be proud of you, pet her in any way you can, pamper and pet her in all you do, use sweet and soft voice when talking to her, treat her like a queen, always listen to her and direct them any way you can. Think of a girl like a child who need all love and attention and try to do all these and you will see that she will never hurt you but will always stand by you to defend you in any way she can, when you hurt her try to call her back and say am sorry to her, pet her and don’t be harsh with her, always remember that Wounds that are cause by love can only be heal by love. So be the one to heal the wound in her heart weather is cause by you or any other person, is only you who can heal it!

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