How to initiate morning sex in your relationship

How to initiate morning sex in your relationship


  • Share the idea with your partner.

Let your partner know any of your new plans about morning sex to get him or her into the system to avoid being disappointed after you must have to rue her to it.


  • Don’t wait for your partner to be ready.

If you wake up, you shouldn’t wait till when you are in the mood. You may not be in the mood, but when you are in the process of doing it, you will automatically get in the atmosphere without you knowing it. To start work as soon as you get up.


  • You can start with romancing or massaging.

You can start by romancing and massaging your partner on the bed till he or she wakes up. Your touch should be what will wake her up. Make sure she is awake thoroughly before going more further to avoid thinking if it was in a dream. But you can help her to wake up through your touch.


  • Know when your partner is tired.

In life, there are times when you will feel so much weak that you won’t even want the day to break. In such a time, you have to allow him or her to have some sleep. Do not force morning sex, for it is not proper at all. It will even worsen your day. Just play it smoothly with love and concern.


  • Make sure there’s another plan you have after that.

Have other romantic plans after that morning sex. Like. Make some lovely dishes for him or even a coffee or tea depending on the one that he loves to take. You can as well feed him on the bed for its part of love.

With this, I hope that you might have understood the “Benefits Of Morning Sex” and is essential in our body system. Make sure to read how to do a doggy style to learn about it and other styles too that you will do in the morning with your partner.

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