6 signs shows that your relationship is healthy

6 signs shows that your relationship is healthy


Zero reaction anxiety

Do you ever hold something back because you’re worried about how your partner is going to react? In your normal everyday life, you spend so much time monitoring your behavior. You stop acting like yourself and cater to the people around you but your relationship should be a safe space. Somewhere you can take off your filter where you can express anything you want to express without being scared or embarrassed. If you have zero reaction anxiety it means you trust your partner to embrace who you are. In a long term relationship very few things are more important than that.“6 signs shows that your relationship is healthy”

Healthy disagreement

No one expects you agree on everything. People often imagine healthy relationships as this perfect utopia where the two of you are in sync 24/7. You see eye to eye on every decision you complete each other sentences. Your visions of the future couldn’t be more similar but that’s not what a healthy and positive relationship really looks like. The truth is there will be disagreements there will be times when you argue times when you have trouble understanding the other person’s point of view. In fact, it’s healthy for partners to but heads every once in a while. A disagreement often means that you’re actively trying to find a compromise that benefits the both of you. You see the happiest relationships aren’t dominated by a single partner. One person’s opinions shouldn’t completely overshadow the others that really defeats the purpose of being in a relationship. Relationships should be about sharing your life not finding someone else’s life to control. This is a trap that many young couples fall into. One person wants to keep their partner happy so they pretend that their own opinions aren’t important. But this is a recipe for disaster. You think you’re doing your partner a favor but they want you to express yourself even if your opinions don’t line up with theirs. Just make sure that you’re not disagreeing all the time if you’re arguing constantly then there’s probably a deeper problem with the relationship. As a whole the same rule actually applies to your friendships having a few disagreements is healthy but too many means your relationship might need some work.“6 signs shows that your relationship is healthy”

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Division of space

Every strong relationship should have two things space and boundaries even though the two of you like being together. Well you need time to exist as individuals without those limitations many people start to feel suffocated. They become codependent on their partners because they forget who they are outside of the relationship. Creating physical space is a great way to reclaim that feeling of independence. When you’re separated from your partner you have the freedom to focus on what you want to do. You might for example take that time to reconnect with the other important people in your life like friends and family. Because a relationship no matter how serious it is shouldn’t consume your individuality. You should still have your own interests your ambitions and your own social bonds. The emotional boundaries exist for the same reason in a healthy relationship. You need to respect your partner’s freedom to feel and make choices on their own. The two of you might think alike but you shouldn’t act like you have one brain its okay for you to like one thing while your partner likes another. You should make an effort to understand each other’s interests but boundaries are a healthy way of maintaining your individuality.

Displacing frustration

Do you feel like you have to be right all the time do you fight your partner on every little things these are both signs of an unhealthy relationship. Now as much as you want to argue that need to be right is much less important than your partner’s feelings. Both of you should be willing to give in if it’s in the best interest of your relationship. Now I am not saying that you can’t be frustrated with your partner that’s just not possible even the most loving relationships create their fair share of negativity. But the difference is that people in healthy relationship learn how to manage their frustration instead of berating or yelling at their partner. They blow off steam by working exercising or venting to their friends. Most of the time this helps them realize one of two things either that this is something important they should calmly talk to their partner about or that being rights. Well it really isn’t worth it. “6 signs shows that your relationship is healthy”

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Avoiding Withdrawal

One of the most destructive moments in a relationship is when one partner begins to pull away. They become emotionally distant they might not seem enthusiastic about spending time with you. This kind of withdrawal can mean a few different things so let’s highlight the worst-case scenario. When your partner is constantly acting distant they may not be willing to put in the effort anymore. For example, if you want to watch your favorite movie on the site like Movie Hustle but your partner is not agreeing to watch this. They are choosing to step back and let things fall apart now of course this ambivalence doesn’t just pop up out of nowhere. Persistent withdrawal usually stems from feelings of neglect anger or irritation. No matter where it comes from withdrawal is a huge red flag. In a healthy relationship each partner actively works to close that distance they don’t withdraw into themselves. They encourage each other to be open and expressive so if you notice your partner pulling away give them a chance to tell you why. “6 signs shows that your relationship is healthy”

Conflict Kindness

No matter how heated things get healthy couples are always kind to one another. They definitely get angry and frustrated like everyone else but they won’t resort to insults or personal attacks. You’ll never hear them tear their partner down just to get their point across. One of the keys to a healthy relationship is to show kindness throughout the conflict as strange as it sounds. You can argue with someone while still making it clear that you care about how they feel. “6 signs shows that your relationship is healthy”

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