50 Things Every Woman Wants You To Know

50 Things Every Woman Wants You To Know

As man there are some certain things that you should do for your woman or say to her. That is why I take my time to explain all to you.

50 Things Every Woman Wants You To Know

1. You should watch her character and know what she wants and the things she needs you to do.
2. If she is disturbed, don’t do as if you don’t know or notice her.
3. Understand her and give her your trust and support.
4. When she complain something to you, take it serious and take your corrections if necessary.
5. If she fights for her right stand behind her and defend.
6. When she is shy or scared, go close to her and hold her.
7. Encourage to give her strength that she can do it.
8. Don’t allow her to bear the burden of the relationship alone.
9. If she do something appreciate her no matter how small the thing appears. The more you do so the more she will like to do more.
10. She expects you to be her strength when she is weak.
11. A woman deserves your attention and affection.
12. She wants you to admire her and compliments her.
13. I will forever cherish you and love you alone.
14. She wants to hear you tell her that she is beautiful.
15. Always admire her clothes because she makes effort to wear the best for you.
16. Appreciate her efforts and try to encourage her to do more.
17. Cook for your woman sometimes especially when she is sick or weak. You can also cook for her as a way of showing your love to her.
18. Join her most at times when she is in kitchen.
19. Don’t just use words to tell her you love her but instead do that with your actions too.
20. Bear in mind that you are not always right and ask for forgiveness when you offend her.
21. She won’t know everything that you love or how you want her to dress. But try to make her to be just as you want her.
22. Don’t be dumb and expect her to know all that suits you.
23. Don’t tell her that the looks is not enough for her, but try to her you look more beautiful.
24. She will only put on those dresses and clothes that makes her look more attractive to you.

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Things Every Woman Wants You To Know

25. Buy her gifts as a way of showing appreciation on anything that she do.
26. Take her out and make her feel happy.
27. Satisfy her and make her feel like a woman that she is.
28. Listen to your woman and allow her to advise you.
29. Never you try to raise your hand on her no matter what.
30. Never you try to take her for granted.
31. Always defend your woman and never try to treat it as if she worth nothing.
32. Never you deny her sex or leave her unsatisfied. If you have problem in sexual performance be open to her and let her know. For both of you to solve the problem as one.
33. Don’t try to answer her questions with questions because it pisses her off.
34. Never you show or tell her that she is nothing, else she will show you that she worth something.
35. Don’t always shout at her on every mistakes ,because it makes her scared of you. And may leave you, but try to correct her time to time in the most important things only.
36. Never cheat on her or make her to have any reason to doubt you in any way.
37. Don’t deny her of anything because of what she did or let her know that she won’t get this because of one thing or the other.
38. Never you be too busy for your woman.
39. For you may end up loosing her to the one who gives her more attention.
40. If she truly loves you then try to love her more than hurting her feelings.
41. If she tells you that she needs you, try to always be there for her.
42. Don’t make her to beg you for attention because it hurts women most to do so.
43. Never you make her cry always because you will loose her to the person who makes her smile.
44. Don’t always break up and make up with her because she may get tired of you one day.
45. Treat her as if you see a different and more beautiful angel in her always.
46. Never you compare her with any other woman even your own mother.
47. Never you hold onto her always. Allow her to be free and move out with friends too.
48. She must not be there always but try to always communicate with her to let her know how much you miss her.
49. The important of communication in a relationship is to draw you two together no matter the distance.
50. If you go out and see something that will fit your woman. Or what you think she will like, buy it for her.

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Finally I want you to know that it’s your duty as a man to make her presentable before you and before people. So don’t leave all work to her and try to understand, trust and admire her.

50 Things Every Woman Wants You To Know

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