One of the most exciting things that pet owners look forward to is dressing up their dogs. There are so many events and occasions all year round in which you can style up your dog. You can also play with them through dress ups even on a random day. Plus, your dog will indeed look good in those tiny outfits or colorful costumes that you choose for them. 

However, when dressing up your dog with clothes or accessories, there are several things that you may have to consider first. First, it’s not all about the design, the color, and the event. As a dog owner, you need to be aware of the essential things first.

As your guide, here are five tips when fitting your dog for new clothes and accessories.

  • Introduce Your Pet First To The Apparel

Not all dogs are open-minded about wearing clothes or accessories right away, which makes it challenging for you. Just like how you handle babies, you also need to take it slow first. 

Allow your dog to be familiar with the clothing by letting them sniff on it and let them feel the texture by putting a cloth or apparel across their back. After a few days, when they’ve become used to the feeling of having clothing, you can then proceed to get their actual fittings for their own clothes.

  • Get Their Measurements

You need to note the measurements of their head, chest, legs, and back length before buying dog gears or apparel from dog stores, like Ruffwear Canada.  

For the length, you should start measuring from the back of the neck all the way down to your dog’s back (right before the starting point of their tail). It would be very annoying for a dog to wear something that’s too long to the point that it’ll extend to its tails. 

Next, and probably the most challenging part, is their chest. When fitting their chest, make sure that it’s not too tight by adding two fingers from the final recorded measurement. This way, there will still be room for movement and you can avoid the clothing from rubbing against their armpits and other sensitive areas. The same goes when measuring the head. Ensure that it fits so it wouldn’t be painful for them when they have to wear it. 

Not all clothes and accessories extend on their legs. If it does, ensure that it has enough room for your dog to be comfortable and be able to run around without their joints being restricted.

  • Keep Track of Their Sizes
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Your dog’s size today won’t be the same in the future. As your dog grows, you need to update their measurements regularly. Keeping track of their current sizes will be easier for you to buy new clothes and avoid buying something too small.  


  • Take Note Of Their Bathroom Habits

One thing that some dog owners forget to consider is their dog’s bathroom habits. Observe how your dog urinates, whether they raise their legs or do a squat position. It’s vital that you consider this when designing their clothes or purchasing clothing from dog stores. There has to be an open area around their belly or groin area that allows them to do their bathroom business easier anytime. 

In case you’re planning to dress up your dog with a costume, double-check the width of the costume to ensure that it’s open for comfort and accessibility.

  • Make Sure It Is Comfortable

Aside from getting the right fit, you also need to ensure that the outfit is comfortable for your dog. Most preferably, it should be short in length to avoid long clothing dragging on the ground, in which your pet may accidentally step on or restrict their motions. If your pet is really active, you may consider buying clothes that don’t have too many decorations since it may quickly be caught on furniture, increasing the risk of damage to the clothes. 

Also, be aware of dog clothes with loose pieces, like buttons or small objects, that a dog can easily rip off and chew without you noticing. To ensure their safety, it’s best to choose an item of clothing that doesn’t feature tiny decorations that they may destroy and choke them.

Wrapping Up


The tips mentioned above can help you fit your dog for new clothes and accessories. This way, you rest assured that you get the best and safest piece of clothing for them from dog stores or online pet shops

Just keep in mind that after you let them wear their new clothes, don’t leave them in it for too long as most pets can only last several hours before they get annoyed when wearing clothes.