5 Safe Methods to Remove Skin Tags

5 Safe Methods to Remove Skin Tags

Skin tags are not harmful, and they are ubiquitous. However, people are eager to get them off because of cosmetic reasons. There are multiple skin tag removal techniques, and they vary in efficacy. Around half of all grown-ups have skin tags in various parts of their bodies, but they present no medical complications. 


 Skin tags can also detach on their own when deprived of blood supply, and they need no treatment. That said, a doctor can recommend an easy medical session to remove the skin tag. 

As hinted earlier, too, many are interested in having the tags removed simply because of cosmetic purposes. It is particularly true when they are found in prominent places like the face. For those interested in skin tag removal, there are effective and safe ways to do so.


#1 Clipping or Cutting


 Well, it sounds very enticing to get scissors, nail clippers, and sharp blade and slice the skin tags off. However, this must only be done under the supervision of a health expert. He/she will do a cleansing of the skin region and the tool itself to prevent all kinds of infections. 


Even though this is a swift method of removal, it also comes with pain. Hence, it is not advisable for those placed on blood thinners or those suffering from bleeding disorders. 

It is also important that you do not cut off an average or big tag because attempting such can lead to bleeding. Tags can range from one or two millimeters to as much as two inches. This method should not be used when close to the private parts or located around the eyes. Discuss this method with your doctor. 

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#2 Freezing Kits


Health experts utilize liquid nitrogen to destroy excess and needless skin tissue, which is referred to as cryotherapy or cold therapy. It involves temperatures in the range of -320.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Harmless lesions like skin tags can be handled with temperatures in the -4 to -58 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Those who want to use this method should conduct proper research and selection regarding the kits to use for the least temperature applicable. Instructions must adhere to, and subjects will have to use them numerous times before the skin tags fall off. Freezing kits have to be handled with care, and the focus should be only on the affected skin. 


#3 Tea Tree Oil

This is an essential oil that can help in the treatment of many skin conditions. Those who have used it recommend applying one or two drops of the oil to a cotton roll and attached to the skin tag using a bandage. Allow the cotton ball infused in the oil to remain on the skin tag for 10 minutes, three times a day. It can take days or weeks before the skin tags fall off. But those with sensitive skin should not use it, and it should not be applied close to the eyes. 


#4 Iodine

Those who want to use this style should first apply a layer of coconut oil. Apply iodine drops on the affected area, then cover with bandage till they dry. This measure is done two times a day until it detaches. 

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#5 Apple Cider Vinegar


Using this method means soaking the cotton ball inside vinegar, fixing the tag using a bandage, and letting it stay in place for 10 minutes. Repeat it a few times every day until the skin tags fall off. If there are irritations on the skin, stop the procedure. 


The Best Way To Remove Skin Tags


There are some really good products available in the market that allow you to remove skin tags painlessly and efficiently. You do not have to spend a fortune on surgery, as these skin tag removers help fade the skin tags. Eventually, it falls off, and you will no longer be in pain. 


The formulations are enriched with natural ingredients such as aloe, turmeric, and even hemp seed oil. Wouldn’t it be nice to treat the skin tag with natural ingredients? Make a wise decision! 

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