You may know boric acid as a powder used to deal with cockroach infestations. If so, it would be understandable for you to be cautious about putting boric acid in your body. But the fact of the matter is that boric acid can be an effective remedy for some women’s health issues. 


Here are some surprising benefits that boric acid suppositories like the Killer can have for your overall health.

The principal reason that women take boric acid suppositories is to combat yeast infections. This homeopathic cure works essentially by denying the conditions which allow yeast to grow. It does that by both promoting the growth of helpful bacteria within the vagina and antioxidants like vitamins E and C. And while suppositories are great at cutting down the length of a yeast infection, they can also help you deal with some of the most common and frustrating symptoms of a yeast infection. These include itching and burning.

  • Preventing Future Issues

A yeast infection doesn’t normally come from nowhere, but we often don’t spend enough time thinking about our body as an interconnected collection of ecosystems, but doing so can help us recognize that yeast infections just represent the near-worst case scenario. Vaginal odor and bacteria growth can happen without having a yeast infection—and that’s especially true right after sex or during or directly after a period. If you’re feeling not quite fresh down there, adding a boric acid suppository to your routine can help with that. And getting in the habit of keeping things fresh can help prevent the risk of yeast infections or other issues further down the line.

  • A Safe and Assured Solution

If the thought of putting acid inside your body still has you a bit concerned, keep in mind that boric acid has been used this way for over a century. Medical research on boric acid as a suppository is a little light, but all of it points towards such pills being a safe treatment method. Moreover, they’re one of the most accessible and reliable choices throughout history. You can even make them at home, although we suggest going through a reliable name so you know you’re getting the right dosage and you aren’t running the risk of absorbing chemicals you don’t need to.

  • Conscientious of Your Time

While a suppository may sound like a real pain-in-the-rear to take, boric acid pills are actually one of the most effective ways to deal with a yeast infection. They only need to be taken once a day, and they can normally clear up an issue within a few days to a week. Moreover, you don’t need to be concerned if your pace of taking the medication falls a little out of line. While you shouldn’t take a boric acid suppository orally, you don’t need to worry about any overdose effects if you take too much. And if you forget to take a dose, you can more or less right the course by taking another treatment as soon as possible. And while there are sometimes side effects attributed to boric acid, they generally tend to be both mild and rare.

  • It’s Available by Subscription

It can be easy to lose track of time and end up running out of important medication. You don’t have to worry about that with the Killer. This boric acid suppository can be ordered to deal with a specific infection, or it can be delivered via subscription if you’re having recurring problems with yeast infections or other vaginal infections. One pill, delivered monthly, can have you feeling better and more confident.

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