5 Reasons to Choose the Holistic Care Approach in Recovery

5 Reasons to Choose the Holistic Care Approach in Recovery

Battling addiction requires lots of determination and an unyielding will to succeed. That’s because relapsing is all too easy and is a normal part of recovering from any addiction. In fact, about 85% of drug addicts relapse within a year of their treatment.

Recovering from drug addiction is extremely difficult because most addicts become fully dependent on drugs. The addiction recovery approach dramatically impacts the chances of complete recovery.

Traditional methods have shown some promise, but there are more effective ways to approach recovery. The holistic care approach, for instance, has proven very effective in treating addictions completely.

In this piece, we’ll highlight everything you need to know about the holistic care approach. We’ll also give you a few reasons why settling for the holistic care approach is a step in the right direction.

5 Reasons to Choose the Holistic Care Approach in Recovery
5 Reasons to Choose the Holistic Care Approach in Recovery

What Is the Holistic Care Approach?

The holistic care approach is a comprehensive addiction treatment that focuses on the body, mind, and soul. It’s a proactive and comprehensive therapy for drug addiction method that clamps down on the:

  • Physical repercussions of drug addiction including bodily injuries and health conditions
  • The mental well-being of the patient, by alleviating emotional stress
  • Addressing the mental addiction symptoms to prevent relapse

By the end of the holistic care treatment, the person administering the treatment should:

  • Establish the cause of the addiction firmly and work from there
  • Encourage physical fitness through exercising and proper dieting
  • Boosted the self-esteem of the patient
  • Reduced the patient’s appeal to drugs and alcohol
  • Increased the patient’s resistance to cravings
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Holistic care is different from other addiction treatments because it focuses on the root cause of the addiction and not just the symptoms. It also approaches addiction as an ailment that affects the entire being and not just the mental and the physical.

Benefits of the Holistic Care Approach

Many addiction treatment facilities have embraced holistic care to accelerate the recovery of addicts. So far, the program has been super effective, and scores of people have recovered completely through the program.

Here are a few benefits of the holistic care recovery approach for addicts

1. Based on Traditional Treatment Methods

The holistic care approach doesn’t abandon the principles of traditional recovery treatment. In fact, you can think of this approach as a refinement of these traditional methods. Some of the traditional techniques include counseling, relapse prevention, and teaching coping skills, which are all part of holistic care.

So contrary to popular belief, holistic care doesn’t overlook traditional therapy techniques. Instead, it is an amalgamation of these techniques to make them even more effective.

2. Versatile Treatment Options

Holistic care does not limit your recovery treatment options; instead, patients can choose from a variety of treatments. This wide array means patients can go with an option that both they and the experts deem most effective for their particular case. If that doesn’t work, then they can resort to other treatment techniques or use a combination of them.

Since the holistic care approach isn’t as restrictive as traditional therapies, patients can benefit from the various treatment methods. Experts can also align the treatment to the patient’s particular situation. A few of the treatment techniques used in holistic care include meditation, acupuncture, pet therapy, and even neurofeedback.

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3. Conducive Environment for Recovery

In holistic care treatment, it’s up to the patient and the addiction expert to scout out the ideal location for recovery. This location should preclude the patient’s access to drugs and alcohol, but not lock them from the rest of the world.

Most patients prefer receiving treatments in apartments or any other comfortable living quarters. It’s unlike recovering in an institution-like rehab facility that’s almost like a glorified prison. This conducive environment is great for building the self-confidence and self-worth of the patients.

Patients who recover from rehab facilities feel ostracized by society, and it’s hard for them to reintegrate back into it. With a warm and friendly environment of holistic care, patients develop solid coping skills and resistance to cravings in no time.

4. The Staff Know Their Stuff

Most holistic care facilities never compromise on the experience and competence of the staff they hire for their holistic care programs. That’s because the staff plays a crucial role in the efficacy of the treatment, and skimping on the staff could ruin the entire program.  So you’re likely to encounter staff that is highly trained and have lots of experience treating drug addictions.

You should also expect a staff that is more patient-oriented, not just personnel who are there for you because they need to get paid. As such, expect lots of care and concern, routine treatments, and regular checkups. The staff will also shower you with encouraging words and motivate you to be your best.

With such competent and experienced staff, you can be sure of a complete recovery and a better life onwards. To find out more about holistic care staff, you can meet the team and get a better picture.

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5. Comprehensive Aftercare

The end of a patient’s treatment doesn’t mean that the patient has conquered the addiction, though it’s a significant accomplishment. The next few weeks, months, and years after treatment will determine whether the patient has really overcome the addiction.

That said, not many rehabilitation techniques give a lot of thought into post-recovery aftercare. The term post-recovery is somewhat misleading because a patient isn’t fully recovered until they can do without the drug.

The holistic care follows up your recovery even after the end of your treatment. That way, you can be confident of a complete recovery and can also work your way back into society as a revitalized and valuable member.

The Holistic Care Approach Works

There are no two ways to go about it; the holistic care approach to recovery to drug addiction is almost foolproof. If you can find a rehabilitation facility that offers the program, then you’re set to kickstart your journey or someone else’s journey to recovery.

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