5 Kid-Friendly Backyard Landscaping Ideas to Try at Home

A backyard or garden outside your home provides good environment. You may have some trees and grass in your yard which is good enough for adults. But the kids want to play different games with their friends. You can make your backyard the best place of fun and entertainment by applying some landscaping ideas on it.

The kids are always excited to try new games but you have to make sure they are safe while playing. During the weekends and vacations, the kids may get bored if there is nothing interesting in your backyard. In this article, we will give your some kids friendly landscaping ideas to transform your backyard into a fun place.

Examine Your Backyard/Garden

Before you read the best backyard landscaping ideas, you need to examine your backyard carefully. Everyone has a different size of backyard, so you should check that the idea you have selected is going to fit your backyard or not before you decide to apply it. Here we provide some creative ways to make your backyard a place of entertainment for kids.

#1. Add a Sandbox

Kids like to play with sand but you have to supervise them so that they don’t hurt each other. When you put sand in your yard, the kids will spread it everywhere. If you want to keep the sand in its place, you have to add a sandbox first and then fill it half with the sand.

You can make a sandbox from an old book shelf or buy a ready-made sandbox from an online store. It offers comfortable seats on sides and a bucket, sandpit and other tools to play with. You can buy construction toys to make the sandbox game more interesting for the kids.

#2. Add a Basketball Hoop and Ball

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There must be a tree or high wall in your backyard. You can add a basketball hoop on it at a certain height where kids can dunk the ball. The basketball kit is not expensive, so you can afford it to give your kids hours of fun and physical activity together. Make sure your backyard ground has some grass and the surface is not too hard to hurt the kids.

#3. Add a Swing Set

When you have enough space in your backyard, why don’t you utilize it? Instead of keeping your yard empty and boring, just add a swing set to it. A swing set is available to buy online at various online stores and local stores as well. It includes multiple swing seats, a wave slide, a glider, a trapeze bar, sea-saw and super disc swing as well.

One swing set in your backyard can occupy 5 to 8 kids at a time. If you want to keep multiple kids busy for hours during weekend and vacation then you must get a high quality swing set for your backyard. You must install the swing set on a flat surface, only then it will remain steady while kids are playing on it.

#4. Add a Trampoline

You should buy an outdoor trampoline for your backyard. It will occupy a significant amount of space in your yard but it will change your and your kids’ life completely. All the kids love to jump on a trampoline. We suggest you to ask your children at anytime if they want to play and bounce on a trampoline and the answer will always be yes.

In order to find a suitable trampoline, you have to check the best trampolines reviews given by experts. Thereafter, you should choose a trampoline model that perfectly fits your backyard, your needs and your budget. Jumping on a trampoline with enclosure safety net is safe for your family as long as you allow only one child to jump at a time.

#5. Create a Rock Wall or Add a Cargo Net

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Kids often want to climb on stairs, trees and walls. However, it is not safe for the kids to climb on a tree or normal walls. Therefore, we recommend you to create a rock wall in your backyard. In order to create a rock wall, you will need rock climbing holds and a wall panel. You can buy them from a nearby shop or an online store.

You need to attach the rock climbing holds in various holes on the wall panel. Thereafter, attach the wall panel to a tree or something solid so that it does not fall while your kid is climbing on it. The cargo net is easier to set up than the rock wall. It a net with square holes that you need to attach it some height so that the kids can safely climb on it.

Wrapping Up:

In this way, you can make your backyard more useful, playful and attractive for your kids. When your kids are climbing on a rock wall/cargo net or jumping on a trampoline, you must be there to supervise and take care of them. We never recommend to play the kids any outdoor game without parents’ supervision.


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