5 Happy Marriage Secrets That Counselors Swear By

5 Happy Marriage Secrets That Counselors Swear By
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Marriages are made in heaven, but partners are responsible for making them happy and successful. Both have to do their bit and invest effort in the relationship to carry and preserve it for a lifetime.

But most marriages hit a rough patch once or more, and some even fall apart. Seasoned counselors believe that happy couples do the right things and steer clear of the wrong ones to keep their bonds thriving over the years. Here are some happy marriage secrets they swear by. 


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Listening saves the relationship

Good communication is the foundation of a strong relationship. But listening is the real game-changer. You may often feel that you are not on the same page with your spouse.

It is easy to dismiss their perspective and concerns, but listening deeply can save your marriage. If you listen with an open mind,  everyone makes sense, even if they have a different way of seeing a situation. 


Showing love is crucial

Happy couples go the extra mile to show their love. You may think that love is an abstract feeling, but others expect you to perform acts that validate it. Understand the love language of your spouse in the first place.

Find ways to show how you feel for them. You can affirm with words, but actions always speak louder. Surprise them with random acts like picking kids from school or letting them sleep an extra hour while you do the housework. 

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Physical intimacy keeps marriages strong

Lasting marriages stand on the foundation of physical intimacy. Partners often overlook this aspect down the line, but a lack of sensual touch can create an emotional distance. Keep the spark alive in bed.

The best way to do it is with experimentation, as doing the same thing every day can affect your interest in each other. Buy a real whizzinator XXX to spring a kinky surprise on your partner. Try a different position often, and arouse them with crazy conversations.


Celebrate each other’s success

Another secret that makes happy marriages is celebrating each other’s success. Jealousy and negativity can hit the strongest relationships, so make conscious efforts to keep them out of your marriage.

Be together in everything you do, and support each other throughout. If partners feel proud of each other’s achievements, they are more likely to succeed. At the same time, be a pillar during hard times. 


Don’t expect a counselor to save your marriage

When your relationship lands in trouble, you will probably want professional help. But you cannot expect a counselor to save it. Their job is to show you the way to salvage your marriage.

You have to do the hard work and focus on getting your bonding on track again. Professional counselors suggest that couples keep their motivation level high through the therapy as it assures success..

The secrets of happy marriages are easy to imbibe, provided you let unconditional love guide you. It keeps your bond strong physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Rest assured, togetherness will last forever with only a little effort and lots of love.

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