3 things that makes up a good health

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3things that makes up a good health:


  1. Rest,
  2. Exercise,
  3. Diet,

good health

Rest : it is the total shutdown of the body system (no distraction).

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It is advised to rest or sleep for all least 8 hours at night and one hour as siesta during the day, but today many people do not meet up with this requirement because they were too busy at work for getting that good health is immportanrt.

Benefit of rest:

  1. It improves mental alertness
  2. It calms the nerves and prevents hypertension.
  3. It aid digestion and power metabolism of energy


Exercise: it is another important factor if we want a good health. It includes climbing the stairs, jogging and running etc. they are form of exercise.

Benefit of Exercise

  1. It helps blood to circulate properly
  2. It increases energy
  3. It helps joint to be flexible.
  4. It stimulate proper functioning of the heart, kidney and brain.


Diet: it is very important because it contributes the highest percentage which is 80% to a good health.

Diet: diet –t = die; many of us today eat to die instead of eating balance diet.


Remember: A balance diet is a diet that contains all food nutrients in the right proportion or quantity. These nutrient are called the “food chain “ and they are six in number: carbohydrates, protein , minerals, enzymes, vitamin, lipids and sterol.


Carbohydrates and Fat: Eat little because it is dangerous to health. The end product of carbohydrate is sugar, 5% intake daily.

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Protein: Eat little because it has high cholesterol which is dangerous to health. 15% intake daily .

Fruits and vegetable: Eat more because it contains vitamins and mineral essential to good health. It helps to prevent sickness and diseases. 30% intake daily.

Whole gains: Eat more because it contain lipids and sterol which feed the cells and make them vibrant.50% intake daily.

Note: the human body contains 73 trillions cells and scientists have discovered that by the time we are 25-50 years old, we lose about 10,000cells on a daily basis. By the time we reach 50 years and above, we would have lost about 50 million of cells and that is the reason we end in the sick zone. For this not to happen , you have to feed your cells with lipid and sterol which we can only get from whole grains.


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