15 Things Boys Do That Make Girlfriends Leave Them

There is some mistakes most guys do when dating a girl without knowing that those things are the reason why girls at times think that they don’t love her. So read this carefully and avoid them for you not to lose your woman

  1. Tell them that they want better makeup

A lady continually wants to appearance her absolute high-quality for you. If you inform her that she wishes more work on her make-up, then that may lead her to suppose which you don’t locate her pretty or that you’re ashamed of the way she appears. Both way, it doesn’t bode well for her self-esteem.

  1. Make amusing of their ingesting behavior

If she has a large appetite, don’t make a laugh of her for it. She’ll emerge as feeling like she’s a fatty and that’s now not a great factor. If she’s not ingesting a whole lot, then be touchy with your remarks. She may not be feeling properly or she may be feeling like she needs to shed pounds for you. Don’t make a laugh of her for her consuming behavior

  1. Conceal Your telephones From Them

If you conceal your phone out of your girlfriend, then that tells her which you’re in all likelihood hiding images or messages from her.

15 Things Boys Do That Make Girlfriends Leave Them

15 Things Boys Do That Make Girlfriends Leave Them

  1. Make fun in their clothing

Like makeup, a female will use her outfit as a manner to attract her boyfriend. She desires to get dressed up to experience better approximately who she is and in case you make fun of what she’s carrying, then that creates a dent in her self assurance.

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5. Refuse To Be Intimate

Your refusal to be intimate is a sign of disinterest. If she choices up in this, she will be able to suppose that this is her fault. Your hesitation to engage in intimacy will lead her to agree with that she’s no longer sufficient for you

  1. Tell Them that they have got To lose weight

That is a huge one. It’s one component to mention which you want her to live more healthy and inspire her to exercise. It’s some other factor totally in case you say that she’s simply being fat and has to shed pounds. Be careful the way you phrase this sort of remark.

  1. Hiding Her out of your family

Circle of relatives is critical. Absolutely everyone knows this. She knows that your family is crucial to you. In case you refuse to introduce her on your family, then it will make her feel like she’s unimportant in your existence.

15 Things Boys Do That Make Girlfriends Leave Them

15 Things Boys Do That Make Girlfriends Leave Them

8. Flirt With different girls

Nothing can break a girl’s heart greater than seeing her guy being intimate with different girls. Stop flirting with different girls and keep the self belief and shallowness of your girl. You owe her that a great deal. It’s downright disrespectful to be flirtatious even as being in a relationship besides.


  1. Cancel On Her constantly

If you preserve blowing her off to make manner for responsibilities (however legitimate), it won’t make her experience proper. She will sense undervalued and unimportant to your lifestyles. Usually make certain you allot enough time for her and your dating.

  1. Tell Her That She’s No proper within the Kitchen

A woman usually desires to be able to attend to her man. In case you make fun of her cooking, it might seem innocent, but to her, you’re nearly pronouncing that she’s incapable of looking after you in the future.В – preserve analyzing on the following page

  1. No longer preserving Her posted in your Whereabouts

Don’t preserve her guessing as to where you are at any given moment. Yes, you don’t always ought to be calling her each 5 minutes. But at least take the time to allow her know what your plans for a given set of time might be.

  1. Take Too lengthy to answer To textual content Messages

Yes, you may be busy in a assembly or you might be operating out. She need to keep in mind that. She simply can’t assist it occasionally. She’ll experience horrific whenever you don’t respond to her messages in a well timed fashion. It’s human nature.

15 Things Boys Do That Make Girlfriends Leave Them

15 Things Boys Do That Make Girlfriends Leave Them

  1. Be Inconsistent

Understand that old Katy Perry tune? You’re warm, then you definately’re bloodless. You’re sure, then you’re no. You’re up, then you’re down. You’re in, then you’re out. Sure. She doesn’t respond to inconsistency well when it comes to your relationship.

  1. Refuse To dedicate

Commitment is key in making relationships work. If you don’t let her realize that you’re committing to her, that deals tremendous harm to her ego and shallowness.

  1. Be Too friendly With other ladies on Social Media

It is probably basically harmless on your component, but it’s no longer properly for her feelings. She doesn’t find it irresistible whilst you’re being a little too pleasant with different girls on Twitter and fb. It’s on a public discussion board and it makes her feel such as you don’t care approximately whether or not she sees it or not.


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