15 Big Signs to know a jealous and Possessive Man

15 Big Signs to know a jealous and Possessive Man

Hardly is it to separate a good boyfriend from a possessive one, well a tip of possessive behavior is normal in any relationship, if you in any way feel insecure.

Here are the signs to be sure you in relationship with a possessive and jealous guy. This really shows he feels insecure always or a controlling type, if he displays handful of these signs.

Seriously if you notice a lot of these signs from your partner, it’s time to talk to him about it before it gets out of hand and turns uncontrollable.

Possessive men are like York or noose around your neck. Any time you give in, their grip only gets tighter and their expectations seems to grow bigger and bigger. For sure your man will deny it or accuse you of using these signs to make him look bad. But if both of you need to have fulfilling and satisfying relationship, both your expectations and wants from love need to be addressed and met. If your possessive guy can’t change for you or can’t stop trying to control you, perhaps it is best you walk away from him, or he will surely expect more from you always.jealous

  1. “Space” is another language. The thought of giving each other space shocks him. He wants to be part all the activities you’re involved with, yet he may nag and whine about something you enjoy until you give it all and do things that he enjoys just to make him happy and comfortable.
  2. He tags along. He’s extremely insecure however everything you try to impress or make him feel loved. He hates it when you go out to meet your friends by yourself, and always insists on tagging himself along, especially if there are a few guys in your group of friends.
  3. Your decisions. He always wants to play a part or get involved in any decisions you take. And he just can’t seem to accept it if you choose to do something he doesn’t approve or permit of.
  4. New experiences. He’s extremely protective about you, and doesn’t want you to do anything new without him. He behaves like your life is in danger, and sulks when you try something new for the first time without him.
  5. Responds to his calls. He doesn’t care who you’re talking to, but he expects you to answer his call as soon as he calls you even if you’re busy on another call. And if you ignore him because you’re busy, he accuses you of ignoring him or being a bad girlfriend.
  6. Faults your friends. He ridicules all your friends especially your male friends and always picks their flaws. And each time they let you down he takes it upon himself to emphasize just how unworthy your friends are, and how he’s the only one you can trust.
  7. He’s wants to know about everything that goes on in your life. And if you don’t talk about something you consider too arrival to talk about, he gets angry or sulks until you tell him all the details, all the time.
  8. His possessiveness is love. Every time you point out just how possessive he is, he defends himself by claiming that he’s possessive only because he loves and cares about you so much.
  9. You shouldn’t have fun alone. He hates it when you have any kind of fun without him, if you go to the movies with your friends and meet him at the end of the day, you may find sulking or quiet. And eventually, he may tell you the real reason and find a way to make you feel guilty about it at the same time.
  10. He sees red. He gets really mad over simple issues, especially if it involves another guy. He just doesn’t want you to create any memories nor does anything fun with any other guy but him.
  11. He dislikes it if you meet a friend or go out anywhere without telling him about it first, even if isn’t around. It starts little by little until you find yourself asking him for permission for every single thing you do.
  12. He wants to know all your passwords and all your secrets, even if you don’t want to share them with him just yet. He disturbs you and threatens you until he gets what he wants.
  13. Still hunt. He always tries to find out where you are often when you’re out with a friend by calling out of the blue and telling you he wants to see you or meet you, or that he wants to pick you up.
  14. He’s uncomfortable when you speak highly of someone else. Every time you say something nice about someone, a friend or family member, he immediately tries to point flaws. He’s extremely competitive and wants you to believe that he’s the only one you should ever look up at or seek help from.
  15. His world centers on you. He behaves like his life revolves around you. And he forces you to do the same thing for him, even if you don’t feel that way just yet. He wants to be the center of your world, and forces you to give him preferential attention over anyone else in your life.
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Don’t forget, not all of these signs you see in a guy are bad or dangerous in a relationship. But there is a little threshold between tolerable behavior and extreme possessiveness. And that threshold is different for everyone.

Some ladies may love their own independence while a few other girls may love depending on a guy for all their needs. Everyone have their own expectations. But this signs is something that definitely needs to be addressed in a relationship. It also said that jealous is part of love, do you as my reader believe that jealous is part of love comment below please and also share our content.


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