12-Week Old Puppy Broken Canine Tooth

12-Week Old Puppy Broken Canine Tooth

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Certain aspects of life are unavoidable, for example, taxes and broken teeth. Unfortunately for a 12-week-old puppy, his fractured tooth was exactly unavoidable. The Puppy owners were devastated when they found that their Puppy required surgery to repair his tooth. Thankfully, he is now on the path toward recovery! In this blog post, find out more about the incident and how the operation was carried out.

If a canine tooth injures a puppy at 12 weeks old, it’s normal for them to lose teeth at any point. It is normal that puppies are born with no teeth and may be able to break or fall out while they’re learning to take in solid food. Broken teeth can be painful for your Puppy, but if he behaves like a normal puppy, it’s not a reason to worry about it.

What will happen if a 12-week-old puppy has a broken dental tooth?

This is a sad incident. The Puppy was twelve weeks old and was brought to the clinic for an examination when his owners noticed chewing on one part of his mouth. They were unsure of what had happened; however, when they came in, I was in a position to look at him and evaluate the extent of the damage. Their canine tooth is broken and sunk to the canal of his pulp. This implies that there was no crack within the tooth, but it was a breach in the pulp canal in the tooth, which meant it had to be extracted.

It is important to note that only a veterinarian can decide if the injury is an emergency or if the pet should wait until they see you.

Does it happen to normal puppies of 12 weeks old to lose their teeth in the canine?

If you have an infant that is 12 weeks old, it’s common to lose teeth in the canine area. It’s not uncommon for puppies to be born with a few of their baby’s teeth and have to break them when they eat. If your Puppy behaves like him but has broken one tooth, there’s no need to stress excessively.

The Puppy could not lose the tooth because of a trauma injury. The tooth was fractured due to an issue with the development of the tooth. As you know, canines are among the most susceptible to suffering trauma because of their size and function!

The Puppy is just one year old, which is why his teeth, which are only 12 weeks old, are shaky and not properly anchored to his gums. Puppy teeth fall out naturally around 4-8 months of age, and it’s not a problem when removed.

12-Week Old Puppy Broken Canine Tooth

Can a tooth that is broken cause pain to the Puppy?

There’s a nerve within the tooth, referred to as”the pulp canal. If the fracture enters the canal, there’ll be a pain as it’s open to the mouth. The pulp canal is home to the nerve and is filled with blood vessels and other cells. This is the reason why a broken tooth in the canine is painful. The pulp canal is the source of dental nerves, which are exposed following an injury.

If your pet’s damaged tooth isn’t a problem for them, you can allow the tooth to naturally fall out. However, if you do not wait for the tooth to fall out, there’s the possibility that the canal will dry up and eventually close. If the pulp canal is closed, it is unlikely that your pet will be in pain when they eat food that may cause damage to the teeth.

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It’s why it’s so important to bring your pet to a veterinarian when you discover that your cat or dog has broken a tooth of a canine!

At what point does the Puppy lose its canine teeth?

Typically, teeth begin approximately 3-4 weeks after age. A puppy should have a complete set of 28 baby (deciduous) teeth when they’re between 6 and 8 weeks old. Adult teeth will replace the baby teeth at approximately four months of age. However, keep in mind that this is only an average. Certain dogs will get adult teeth sooner, while others will have them later.

12-week-old Puppy broke her canine teeth. Should I be concerned?

The most important thing to be concerned about when you have a tooth that has broken is discomfort. Even if the tooth doesn’t hurt, bringing your dog to the vet is important because the tooth has to be extracted. Dogs are like humans. Pets don’t understand that broken bones are something that requires urgent attention. Therefore the pet’s owner must be accountable and take their pet to an examination when they suspect any kind of break or crack.

If your Puppy of 12 weeks has lost his teeth in the canine area, The good thing is that you don’t have to be concerned. It is normal for puppies to have lost their first teeth. They’re called baby (or deciduous) teeth, and it’s not likely to hurt when they have to. It’s a good idea to observe any other indications like excessive drooling and chewing with your mouth to see if there are any additional issues brewing. We’re here to help, and if you have further questions regarding the effects of a tooth on the dog, we’d like to hear from you!

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